Comenity Bank issued the Woman Within credit card in the name of Woman Within. Comenity Bank offers all services. The Woman Within customer service number is an excellent resource for plus-size women looking for clothing. Holders of Woman Within credit cards issued by Comenity Bank can log into their card accounts at who has not yet logged into their account must register for online access. People who forgot their username or password can use this page to recover them. People can seek help from Woman Within credit card customer service by calling 866-776-9859 (if they are having trouble logging in).

Woman Within Credit Card Benefits

20 Dollar Value on First Billing Statement

While $20 doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s part of this card’s stacking effect. Issuers offer immediate savings on the initial order, but $10 is an additional reward.

Double Points

With point reward cards, cardholders always appreciate the double point feature. With the Woman Within credit card, you earn two points for every dollar spent on an item sold by all-inclusive beauty brands.

25-Day Grace Period

Again, things don’t always go our way, which is why the Woman Within Credit Card offers a 25-day grace period before penalties and fees apply. This is important as some cards only offer a grace period of seven to 10 days.

Quarterly Free-Shipping Bonus

Once a quarter, you will receive a free shipping offer on every purchase over $75. As a result, you can plan your purchases based on the free delivery offer. As shipping costs increase with the purchase amount, the price per box will be higher.

Birthday Rewards

Who doesn’t like to receive birthday gifts? And if you’re a shopper, there’s nothing quite like being picked by retailers on your chosen day. Take advantage of discounts up to 20% off purchases during the month of your birthday. I’m sure you didn’t miss anything on your birthday, but for the whole month.